Recycling Uptake Fuels Growth for North East Broker

Colin McQuade Managing Director

Recycling Uptake Fuels Growth for North East Broker

CJM Partnership, a North East based waste recycling broker, has announced its growth plans for the next 5 years which includes it’s current headcount of 8 growing to 40 by 2025. Turnover is also projected to grow from £1.6M to £7.5M. based on similar % growth figures over the previous 3 years.

The family-run business was founded in 2015 by Managing Director Colin McQuade who identified a gap in the market for a more hands-on, professional and service-driven brokerage.

Colin commented:

“I previously worked in green energy, so waste and recycling was a natural step. I was always interested in what happened to both domestic and commercial waste, where it went to, how and where it was recycled etc. Where we differ is that we are able to help waste collection companies get a much higher return on this commodity through identifying materials that can be recycled and then finding processors worldwide.”

CJM Partnership has seen steady, organic growth which has accelerated in recent years with the company benefiting from an increased focus on waste recycling from the wider business community. CJM works closely with both regional and national waste providers to increase ‘recovery rates’ of waste materials. Perhaps surprisingly, over 90% of the materials recovered by CJM are sent on to reprocessors and recyclers within the UK & EU, where the waste materials are then recycled into new products.

Colin continues:

“Our knowledge of extraction rates and techniques is unparalleled. Finding recycling reprocessors for waste materials is something of an obsession if I am being honest. The good news for the environmentally-conscious is that more and more materials from both domestic and commercial waste are recyclable, but we are always looking to new opportunities.

“The industry has evolved rapidly in the past 10 years, but moving forward we will probably see the government put further pressure on producers to standardise their source materials and ensure they are fully recyclable.”

CJM has a head office in Silverlink Business Park, just outside of Newcastle. Call 0191 481 3015 for more details